Thursday, May 24, 2007

But What Kind of Dog?

A guy goes into a psychiatrist’s office, first visit, and the psychiatrist says, “I’m going to show you some things, and you tell me what you see.”

The first thing the shrink holds up is a photograph of a man and woman having sex in the missionary position. “That’s a man and a woman having sex,” the guy says.

The psychiatrist holds up the next picture, and it’s the same couple, but this time there’s another woman with them. The guy says, “That’s a three-way; two women and a man are having sex.”

The psychiatrist nods and holds up the next picture. This time there are eight people in it, men and women, all intertwined, halfway between a pile and a daisy chain. The guy scowls and says, “That seems to be an orgy of some kind. It’s hard to tell what some of them are doing, but they’re all naked and having sex.”

The psychiatrist holds up the last picture. It’s the first couple, but there’s also a dog and donkey in the shot. The guy wrinkles his face in disgust and says, “That’s bestiality, man woman, dog, donkey.”

The psychiatrist puts down the stack of pictures and says, “Well, you certainly do seem obsessed with sex.”

The guy says nothing, as it slowly dawns on him that he is in a joke that has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

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