Thursday, May 15, 2008

Women and Snakes: Steven Stahlberg's "One Last Time"

Part of this "Women and Snakes" series thing is that I do the web searching so you don't have to. There are some really bad photos, artwork, and other crappy images involving women and snakes on the web. There are also some very nice ones, and the one above is one of the the best. The artist is Steven Stahlberg, whose web site is


Arnaud said...

One of the best?

Erm... We will have to agree to disagree on this one, Mr Killus.

James Killus said...

I'm certainly open to suggestions.

There's a John Collier "Lilith" that's magnificent, but I sorta restricting myself in this go-round to contemporary work, and I was leaning on fantasy art especially (and yes, Lilith is fantasy, but there are gradations). Be very thankful that I did not show any of the ones I considered bad, though de gustibus and all that.