Friday, June 27, 2008

Dylan: Lay Down Your Weary Tune

For Black Dog Barking, who wondered in comments why the invisible hand of the market never put this on a commercial album. My answer would be that the invisible hand works in mysterious ways, only a few of which having to do with markets and money.

As noted, the photography is from Miranda Jane, who is unknown to me until now. More of those "invisible college" things that the pointy heads such as myself talk about.


black dog barking said...


And a perfect excuse to while a couple of hours perusing the different YouTube versions of this song and filling in a little history, back story, etc.

I have the Live At Carnegie Hall Version in an online playlist although it is labeled as of 2005 origin. Apparently marketing likes to "update" their stock so the version recorded live, 26 Oct 1963, is a product of the 21st century. Dylan's read in that recording borders on reverential, music for a place of worship, which I took to be the approach of an older man. Turns out it was young Bob playing a month old song at the most prestigious opry house in the land.

To my ear the Biograph version sounds closest to the reading that closes Don't Look Back. Unfortunately I'm comparing a memory at least a year old and that memory is of a "hotter" recording. My strongest impression from the DVD was of a cresting and falling, compression and relaxing, throughout the song -- the pattern of ocean waves working a beach. According to the Biograph notes (according to someone at he wrote the song during a visit to Joan Baez at Big Sur.

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