Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Case of Snakes on a Dame

I believe that there's a bit of an ongoing conflict between Google and Yahoo! (ya think?). Some things appear on Google Images that don't appear on Yahoo! Images and vice versa. Also, some sites make it difficult to hot link to them, and it appears that Flickr is one of them.

However, I try to do right by people, and if you click on the above photo, you will get to the Flickr page and photo. The title is, in fact, "Snakes on a Dame," which is how I found it, obviously. The photographer's tag is SignFire, real name Jarrett Terrill. The model is Evonne Acevedo Johnson.

Terrill and Evonne also do a good Medusa:

And my work here is done.


Signfire said...

Thanks for accrediting the photo.

Glad you like it!


James Killus said...

You're very welcome. And please thank Evonne Acevedo Johnson for me, the next time you see her, for being so beautiful.